Digital Mastery for Women - October 2016

Welcome to this month’s Digital Mastery for Women Goody Bag! We have some amazing content this month that will help you build your business and increase your bottom line. 

Everything we do in Digital Mastery for Women is designed to strengthen one or more of the core areas that make up the bottom line of business. The bottom line of business is very simple. You must get your products and services into the hands of your customers. In exchange for your products and services, your customers will give you some sort of compensation. That may be in the form of money, endorsement or even their e-mail address. All three of these are very important.

There are 5 core areas that we must address in order to make this happen. Everything you do in business must support at least one of these objectives or you are wasting your time.

Watch your email for the details for our monthly call and the link to join the Facebook Group.

Trainings available this month

How to Build a Landing Page in WordPress

Have you allowed the LACK of a landing page keep you from offering your services or products online? Is your list building activities stagnant because you don’t have an opt-in page? Do something about that, now! Learn how to make landing pages using your WordPress based site.

Top 5 Digital Strategies to Jump Start Your 4th Quarter

Are you ready to end the year with a financial BANG! Let’s talk about the digital strategies you need to have in place that will jump start your 4th quarter profits and will help you increase your bottom line.

The Social Success Cycle

Have you left THOUSANDS of dollars on the “virtual” table because you have not HARNESSED the power of Social Media? Don’t just CONNECT. CONVERT those connections into customers and power alliances. 

Tame the Twitter Beast

Does your Twitter feed look like an unwieldy beast? Learn how to tame the beast with these 10 simple tips and tricks for using Twitter to build your brand and engage your target market.


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